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When a flagship daytime program seeks to improve ratings and audience retention

When a flagship daytime program seeks to improve ratings and audience retention



Daytime television is flooded with talk, cooking, and how-to shows. Standing out from the fray requires differentiation and a clear call-to-action for viewers. Our client, a highly-rated cable network’s flagship daytime program, was struggling to deliver compelling content in a format that appealed to the core viewers of their network.



Multi-phased diagnostic and positioning consumer research, informing consultation and talent coaching 

Our research uncovered insights on both challenges and opportunities, and subsequent consulting offered tools and discipline to align the show and its talent with network brand, leverage its potential as a promotional vehicle, and create content and a tone that speaks to their unique core audience and enhances their overall brand.

The client has seen impressive ratings growth vs. a year ago and much-improved audience retention through episodes and across the week. And from a brand standpoint, they are a much better mirror of their network brand.



» Focus groups
» Dial testing
» Show diagnostics
» Tactical adjustments plan
» Marketing optimization
» Talent assessment & 1:1 coaching
» Inspired thinking + co-creation session
» Consulting report cards
» Producer consultation sessions


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