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Distinctive, Differentiated Brands in Travel and Lodging

Distinctive, Differentiated Brands in Travel and Lodging

In the hospitality sector, it’s no secret how important guest experience is to a brand’s success. With increased competition, all players in the industry need to be at the top of their game to give guests the experience they want, with the hope they talk about how much they enjoyed their time.

Luckily, people want to share their experiences. But why then are traditional survey rates declining dramatically? Customers are turning to social feedback because they want to share in their voice while talking about what’s important to them, which is vastly different than traditional customer satisfaction surveys that focus on rational qualities. They find the long batteries of questions to be tedious and boring, particularly if there is no incentive for it.

Streamlining the feedback process to maintain high levels of engagement while uncovering the elements most critical to growth is crucial to stay in front of the competition.

Magid’s Rick Garlick, Ph.D., Vice President, Strategy Consultant, and David Johnson, CEO, Decooda, recently presented “Future Proof Your Travel and Lodging Brand’s CX Strategy,” a webinar that delivered thought leadership on actionable insights for customer experience professionals looking to establish distinctive, differentiated brands in the crowded travel and lodging landscape.

The webinar identifies the essential components of a CX system that stays in sync with customers by:

  • Highlighting the state of the industry and concentrating on areas of opportunity for deepening emotional connections across consumer segments
  • Identifying the ‘true’ (emotional) drivers of customer experience
  • Creating a service culture to support the experience you (and your customers) want
  • Re-prioritizing your CX strategy to maximize your brand identity and business goals rather than chasing CX scores and ratings.

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