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Consumer Insights Needed Now: Best Practices for Package Testing Online

Consumer Insights Needed Now: Best Practices for Package Testing Online

In this unprecedented environment, actionable consumer insights are needed more than ever. Yet, in most cases, in-person qualitative is still not feasible. Enter the promise of online qualitative methodologies that have often been discussed yet rarely executed successfully. Today, Concept Sauce’s innovative tool combined with Magid’s best-in-class packaging expertise makes creating full-blown 3D ‘live’ stim a thing of the past. In a session for Fuel Cycle Connect, learn how the two companies have collaboratively developed a winning formula for delivering the packaging insights clients need to make critical packaging and point-of-sale decisions.

Learning objectives:

  • Best practices for how to leverage virtual shelves in a qualitative context.
  • How to navigate partnerships with platform providers to successfully integrate virtual shelves into your pack test methods (i.e., when to do ‘live’ IDIs or focus groups vs. when to opt for asynchronous methods such as embedding the shelf into an online community or pre-work task).
  • How to avoid classic pitfalls and headaches of stim creation, managing bias and groupthink online, etc.

Visit Fuel Cycle to watch the session.

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