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Mike Bloxham to speak at ARF Salon Series: Super Bowl LIV

Mike Bloxham to speak at ARF Salon Series: Super Bowl LIV

NEW YORK, December 9, 2019 – The Advertising Research Foundation has tapped Magid’s Mike Bloxham to present on emotional insights and join the panel at an upcoming Salon Series to be hosted February 13, 2019 in New York.

Salon Series: Super Bowl LIV

What is the Risk/Reward Relation Between Edgy and Safe Advertising?

In our hyper-politicized, privacy-prone era, edgy ads can be fraught with peril. Will they evoke humor and mirth? Will they be considered purpose-driven and inspirational? Or, will they be mired in controversy and bad PR? This is the tightrope marketers find themselves walking.

For Super Bowl LIII, advertisers played it safe. The result? A general ho-hum effect that left fans snoozing. How will the Super Bowl LIV ads score? Will they bring edgy back or continue to tow the safety line?

Hear from advertising creative experts at ARF’s Salon on Feb. 13 about the Super Bowl’s LIV’s ad touchdowns and fumbles.


Magid Presentation
Super Bowl LIV: Winners, Losers and No-Shows

How Ads Perform in the Battle for Emotional Connection

Emotions run high in the Super Bowl. And sometimes it’s the ads that hit the emotional high points. For the first time, Magid’s EmotionalDNA® (eDNA) will be used to quantitatively assess the emotional tonality of those ads from the viewer’s perspective. The results will reveal which ads emerge victorious in the battle to own emotional zones like Edgy, Relatable, Uplifting, Funny and others. And we’ll see which ones dropped the ball.


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