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Nordstrom’s Dance With Private Equity

Nordstrom’s Dance With Private Equity

Magid In the News- Nordstrom’s doing better than most retailers — so why is it struggling to find a buyer?


Listen in from 5:10 to 6:36 to hear what Magid’s retail expert, Matt Sargent, has to say about Nordstrom’s current situation and future opportunity.

Earnings for Nordstrom are expected later today. The retailer announced back in June that it was considering becoming a private company again. Buying out shareholders takes a lot of financing, and the company appears to be having a tough time getting formal talks going with potential investors. But that may not be such a bad thing for the retailer. (MarketPlace)


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Our Thoughts


Nordstrom’s brand affinity has allowed it to stay ahead, but how long will they hold onto that edge given Amazon’s goals within fashion and the fact that 61% of Nordstrom users are Prime (more than any other apparel retailer)?

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