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Magid Mentions: Local Media May 2019 Issue (vol. II)

Magid Mentions: Local Media May 2019 Issue (vol. II)

Below is our May 2019 Magid Mentions: Local Media issue. Join hundreds of other local media leaders and industry experts – click below and become a subscriber today!

3-minute read
Local advertisers to station sellers: You’re doing it wrong
Less than 20% of advertisers think stations are focused on their business. How can you realign your sales staff and demonstrate your unique value? » Find out
2019 Magid Local Media Landscape Study
The 2019 Magid Local Media Landscape study defines the very real challenges broadcasters face in 2019, and the opportunities for growing businesses in the future.

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The Holzhauer Jeopardy streak included a throwback to Magid’s impact on media
Our founder, Frank Magid, was featured in a Jeopardy question last week, highlighting his groundbreaking work in local media. We’re proud to carry on his legacy, shaping the future of industries we serve. » Like and share on LinkedIn
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What’s coming up
2-minute read
National syndication ratings summary: “Judge Judy” rules syndication as Holzhauer “Jeopardy” hiatus hits second week
With the May sweep winding down, Judge Judy captured more than 9.8-million daily viewers and outperformed an until-recently unstoppable Jeopardy, which was without main attraction James Holzhauer in the session ending May 19. » Read on

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