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Magid Mentions: Local Media March 2020 Issue

Magid Mentions: Local Media March 2020 Issue

A pivotal moment:
Covering the coronavirus outbreak of 2020
A Magid Study Exclusive
Events like the coronavirus outbreak define the consumption habits of consumers and the perception of news brands for years to come. Thus, we executed a consumer study with more than 1200 consumers fielded March 15-18 to gain a deeper understanding of how people are handling this situation.

Our research found that social media and local TV are the main sources that US consumers are turning to for local information COVID-19. However, there is still room for local stations to become more of a source, and one such way of doing so is to refocus its coverage.

Our insights are also featured in MediaPost and Axios.

Weekly Syndication Report
for the week ending March 15
Extra (new season high 1.1 live plus same day national Nielsen rating, up 22% from the week before) was red hot in the last full week of winter.

Hosted by the affable Billy Bush, the top drawer entertainment magazine featured heavy coverage of the coronavirus outbreak each day and was the only syndicated strip of any type to set a new season record in the session ending March 15.


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