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Magid Mentions: Local Media February 2020 Issue

Magid Mentions: Local Media February 2020 Issue

Below is our February 2020 Magid Mentions: Local Media issue. Join hundreds of other local media leaders and industry experts – click below and become a subscriber today!

2020 elections: don’t lose sight of your core advertisers in favor of political ad dollars
By Brian Ahladas
2020 will see $10 billion in political advertising spending – and a 45% increase in television volume. Local TV stations stand to reap the lion’s share of that revenue, but how can you assure core advertisers that they will still be taken care of when the dust settles after the election year? Magid’s Brian Ahladas shares strategies for stations to mitigate the impact to local advertisers.
National newspapers thrive while local outlets struggle to survive
Jaime Spencer | Axios | 3-minute read
In light of McClatchy’s recent announcement to file for bankruptcy, Magid’s head of local media, Jaime Spencer, was called upon by Axios to comment on the state of the newspaper industry, and why local newspapers need to move beyond relying on their functional attributes and build distinct local brand propositions.
After chaotic Iowa caucuses, this TV station plays a big role in New Hampshire
Bill Hague | LA Times | 4-minute read
N.H.-based WMUR is the only commercial TV station in the state that holds the first presidential primary. “They are insulated from some of the other trends in the TV business,” said Bill Hague, speaking with a reporter for the LA Times. “They’ve maximized the value of being a dominant TV station in the market.”
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Weekly Syndication Report
for the week ending February 16
A handful of syndicated shows were able to generate ratings steam with special coverage of the 92nd annual Academy Awards in the session ending February 16.

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