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Hotel loyalty members show higher engagement with subscriptions

Hotel loyalty members show higher engagement with subscriptions

The travel sector still has relatively few subscription offerings, however new research from Magid shows the great potential for subscription models for hotel and restaurant properties.

Hotel loyalty members show higher engagement in subscriptions across many categories, including warehouse/club memberships, gym memberships and food. 63% of hotel loyalty members have a warehouse/club membership compared to 51% of all consumers and 37% have a fitness membership compared to 25% of all consumers.

Hotel loyalty members also put a greater emphasis on travel as a means to escape and see it as a learning experience compared to the general population. 83% of hotel loyalty members stated that they travel to learn something new, whereas 76% of all consumers said the same. 82% of loyalty members stated they travel to escape, while 76% of all consumers travel for the same reason.

Additionally, hotel loyalty members seek out deals and aim to save money when traveling, at 78% compared to 73% of all consumers. As such, hotels can entice consumers with subscription plans that allows them to save money and use deals for the travels. Among hotel loyalty members, the most desired features for a subscription program were free breakfast (88%), loyalty point bonuses (82%), upgrade to preferred room (81%), early check in (77%) and discounted rates (77%).

Other desired features included late checkout (72%), complimentary arrival amenities (68%), access to last minute deals (66%) and concierge lounge access during hotel stays (56%).

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