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Four realities of programming to Millennials

Four realities of programming to Millennials

Holding to the legacy identity of the 25-54 year-old demographic is not a sustainable path. Boomers are nearly absent from this demographic, yet we still program to them.

It’s time for broadcasters to shift their focus to the younger viewers – Xers and Millennials – that make up the majority of the demo, while facing the four realities of how to effectively program to them:

  1. Value becomes even more critical

If you’re going to reach Millennials, you’ve got to present them with clear, unique value, and you’ve got to do it every day. To achieve high quality, viewers need to perceive the quality of the news product as high, overcoming the obstacle of linear delivery. Is the news worth tuning in to the 6 p.m. newscast? Make content that is so highly valued, that no matter how difficult it is to acquire, consumers will still want it.

  1. Friction must be reduced

The more difficult it is to watch the newscast, whether it be because of the type of TV you own or your schedule that night, the greater amount of perceived friction.

Millennials know there are many options to get what they want. If it’s not easy, they’ll move on. This means you need to make your news accessible on their terms.

In the 2017 Magid Digital TMI Study, research showed that 88% of Millennial viewers watch livestreaming video. This represents a substantial opportunity to engage younger consumers with broadcasters’ core value proposition – video.

  1. Get past stereotypes

Millennials turn 40 this year; they’re not the kids you may think they are. They’re not going to make an appointment to watch the local news at 6 p.m. every night, but they will give you time and attention. Understand how to fight for their attention and reach them with a compelling product – high-quality, accessible content.

  1. Loyalty

Millennials are loyal, but they won’t stick around long if you don’t deliver value. Engage them across platforms to demonstrate the total value of your brand, and you’ll find loyal viewers.

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