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Focal Point: Will WMR Win The XR War?

Focal Point: Will WMR Win The XR War?

We ask our industry panel – the brightest and sharpest VR professionals from around the world – one question about the XR industry, business, technology or trending stories every week.

Question: With the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets going on sale to consumers next monthand Microsoft bullish about being top of the XR pile when the dust settles, how do you think it compares to the more established competitors already on the marketplace? What effect do you think more familiar brand names such as Dell and HP will have on buyers, along with (slightly) lower price points?


“The need to define how MR is different from VR and AR means success is no slam-dunk.”


Mike Bloxham, Senior Vice President, Global Media and Entertainment at Magid 

“The first Windows Mixed Reality headsets obviously represent another milestone in the development of the digital reality marketplace. The presence of familiar brands like Microsoft, Dell and HP are likely to help draw some of those who have yet to adopt, as are the price points, which reflect the slow but continued downward trend we’ve seen recently.

“Our research shows that the secret to sustained success will lie in delivering a good user experience and a large amount of compelling content that is easily found and worth returning to.

“Another challenge for these devices is the timing of their release. There will be a lot of attention paid to the AR capabilities in the new iPhone and we really don’t know how much share of wallet will be stolen from these MR headsets. And the fact that there will be a need to define how MR is different from VR and AR means success is no slam-dunk.”


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