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CRS In Motion: CMA‘s Nation Music Streaming Research

CRS In Motion: CMA‘s Nation Music Streaming Research

The COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION (CMA) presented its “2017 Country Music Streaming Study: The Way Forward To Drive Consumption” to COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR (CRS) attendees this morning (2/7). Presented by CMA Sr. Dir./Consumer Research KAREN STUMP and MAGID AND ASSOCIATES VP/Research ANDREW HARE, the research was conducted over a nine-month period and included more than 2,500 AMERICANS in the 18-54 demo who listen to Country music once a month or more and use at least one music streaming service.

“Streaming is not going away,” HARE explained. “It will probably increase.” Though that may be true, HARE also shared that radio still matters, and that it can work together with streaming platforms to ensure that both are successful. Seventy percent of music streamers listen to AM/FM radio, and 54% of streamers still listen to the radio on a daily basis. The presentation noted four ways to get radio app users to stream more Country titles, since the format is the least streamed overall: offer better song and artist recommendations for listeners, feature more newly-release Country songs, make artists more available within the apps, and provide in-app artist ads and promotions to keep listeners interested. HARE continued by urging stations to hold on to listener relationships as technology and distribution changes. HARE noted that 64% of streaming service users and 59% of radio app users still hear a song for the first time on the radio, which marks almost two-thirds of the time. “What radio is built on — trusting someone to take control of music — is very valuable,” HARE explained.

The presentation wrapped with several important points: streamers are still listening to radio; radio apps have scale; keep up with pace leaders; radio drives Country music discovery; radio apps must focus on over-delivering; and, finally, educate non-streamers to engage and build a station’s brand.

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