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Redefining community » How to be authentically local in broadcasting

Redefining community » How to be authentically local in broadcasting

It’s time for local broadcasters to rethink the meaning of community, and what it means to be authentically local. 

When you think of the word community, you likely think of charity, philanthropy, parades. But for years we’ve been counseling our clients on redefining what community means and how they can engage with their markets at a local level.

We’ve watched consumers‘ perception of the word shift, and they’re telling us it means more to them than the traditional definition. This type of outdated thinking could be hurting your station’s brand perception. A concerning number of consumers:

1) Feel disconnected from stations who don’t reflect their communities, and 

2) doubt claims that their stations prioritize community. 

Magid’s Jaime Spencer and Katie Larson discuss how broadcasters can modernize their approach to community, in a way that feels authentically local – including three essential elements we heard directly from consumers in qualitative co-creation sessions.

What challenges are you facing today?

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