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5 Things Hollywood Needs to Know About 5G

5 Things Hollywood Needs to Know About 5G

It’s either the Next Huge Thing — a technology that alters virtually every aspect of how we work, play, communicate and travel — or an incremental lift in today’s wireless speeds and feeds.

No one doubts that the implementation of 5G as the new digital standard for wireless services will change the market and make the telco giants more competitive with cable broadband.

Compared with today’s 4G, the next-gen 5G standard promises faster speeds of at least 20-fold, instant response times, vastly improved network efficiencies and longer device battery life, among other benefits. Following the first commercial 5G launches in the U.S. in 2018, mobile operators worldwide are expected to invest around $160 billion per year to expand and upgrade their networks for 5G, according to industry trade group GSMA.

Hollywood is still trying to figure out what 5G means for the content business. There’s the hype of what’s possible tempered by the reality of what’s probable.

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