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When a major network needs a new position to drive viewership and CPMs

When a major network needs a new position to drive viewership and CPMs


When you’re experiencing decreasing ratings year-over-year, retaining a less ad-friendly audience, and lacking an effective pipeline of content to generate new viewer tune-in, you have a major business challenge.

The pressure is only compounded by the fact that in this situation you are not able to command higher CPMs and new entrants to the market appear to be cannibalizing your audience. A total rebrand focused on a new target demographic starts to appear like the only way forward.



Leverage the only emotional measurement tool that indexes all video content for precision decisions  

We leveraged our proprietary tool EmotionalDNA® (eDNA) – to take stock of all programming the network was running at an emotional level. Then we used the tool to look at the network’s current competitors, its current rank and determine if the network brand and its shows emotional tonality were in alignment. Next, we conducted a whitespace analysis to determine their programming secret sauce for changing their brand positioning. By using eDNA, we created a map of how their development and program acquisition strategy needed to change to move them from a network ranking (at the time) of 87 out of 104 measured networks and into their preferred company grouping.

The outcome of executing this two-year brand and programming strategy was a move to the preferred network neighbor set and a ranking of 42 out of 104. This also increased year-over-year ratings, changed the audience composition to younger viewers with higher incomes, and drove higher CPMs and attracted highly-desired advertisers.



» EmotionalDNA mapping of network brand and programs
» EmotionalDNA cross-landscape diagnostic
» IntentionalityIndex
» EvaluationScore
» Programming plan 2-year evolution strategy
» Audience similarity metrics
» Emotional similarity metrics

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