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6 insights to drive consumer brands in 2019

6 insights to drive consumer brands in 2019

In the face of myriad disruption, existing opportunities exist for consumer brands in industries as vast and diverse as CPG, retail and travel. Check out some of our latest insights to help drive your consumer brand this year.


eMarketer » Will AI Transform Retail?

AI has, and will, continue to change retail. There are four main areas where AI is currently changing retail and where AI will change retail in the future: assortment planning, personalization, voice ordering and customer support.


Glossy » Amazon is earning the trust of fashion and beauty brands

Brands have crossed the abyss and embraced the opportunities and threats that selling on Amazon brings to a brand.


eMarketer » What subscriptions are given as gifts?

Twice as many subscription holders in the US said they intended to enroll in a meal-kit subscription program in the next six months than currently used one.


StoreBrands » What consumers really think about private brands

85% of consumers indicate it’s important that the retailer they shop has brands they trust while 51% of millennials indicated that they will only purchase private brand groceries from stores they can trust.


3 reasons why you need to capitalize on voice and how to do it

The question is: what possibilities does voice technology hold for your business, and why should you take voice seriously as a business opportunity?


Maximizing motivation: why well-intentioned incentive programs don’t work and how to improve them

Even among companies that generally have positive work cultures, satisfaction with recognition is almost always among the lowest-rated items on the annual employee opinion survey.


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