Television Production

Television Production

Frank N. Magid Associates works proactively with television producers throughout the program lifecycle to develop and enhance content, talent, and promotions that align with the evolving television landscape and audience and advertiser needs. Our decades of experience working with producers across programs, genres, dayparts, and audiences as both strategic advisors and operators provides Magid with a unique perspective towards maximizing program ratings and revenues. In addition, Magid applies a holistic view of the television landscape garnered from its proprietary research tracking the broadcast, cable, daytime, and syndicated television landscapes. This expertise, combined with our deep insight into the mindset of television viewers and advertisers and our operational expertise to make this knowledge actionable, makes Magid a valuable partner in developing and implementing production strategies.

Magid’s team of programming strategy consultants, operators, and research analysts utilizes its combined industry knowledge and practical experience to provide a variety of services, including:

  • Brand research and strategy to leverage brand attributes, align programming with network brands, and/or develop targeted branding strategies
  • Pilot and episode testing to align consumer sentiments with content, characters, and marketing strategies
  • Content evaluation and tracking over time to understand how consumers react to program content and character changes
  • Development of program marketing strategies that identify the media platforms and messaging to communicate program branding that resonates with target markets
  • Development of strategies to identify, prioritize, implement, and monetize program extensions across media platforms
  • Talent coaching and workshops in presentation and media skills to ensure that key program personalities effectively connect with viewers

Case Study

Developing Programming Strategies and Best Practices to Increase Pre- and Post-Game Sports Television Ratings

Following a period of underperformance by its internally operated pre-game/post-game television program, an NFL team asked Frank N. Magid Associates to investigate the alignment of the program’s talent and content with the preferences of viewers. As a leader in both sports programming and media strategies, Magid devised programming “best practices” and a strategy that used local TV station programming instead of the program's internal production department. As a result, viewers noted major improvements in the program's content and talent, resulting in higher pre-game and post-game ratings for the local TV station.