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Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment August 2019 Issue

Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment August 2019 Issue

Below is our August 2019 Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment issue. Join hundreds of other media and entertainment leaders – click below and become a subscriber today!


4-minute read
The what, why and when of co-creation

Disruption isn’t new, but the scale, frequency and ubiquity of it is. Those looking to navigate changing landscapes successfully must adapt — and quickly.

In this piece, Magid’s Jennie Finerty shares her thoughts on one of the best avenues for effective, consumer-centric idea generation. » Read the post

1-minute read + downloadable report
Parents and kids might find common ground over smartphone usage
Last week, we released selected highlights from our annual Mobile Lifestyle Study conducted in April 2019. Some highlights include »

  • 49% of parents are concerned about the time their kids spend on a smartphone.
  • 51% of 8- to 12-year-olds think they are addicted to their phones.
  • Nearly a third of 8- to 12-year-olds say they’d rather be in a room alone with their mobile device than in a room with their friends and no mobile device.

» Read the release, access the study highlights

2-minute listen
Hasbro bets big on Peppa Pig
“They now compete with the likes of Disney only they’re coming at it first from the toy manufacture and distribution, and into media instead of the other way around. It’s a huge step for them,” said Magid’s Mike Bloxham when called upon by Marketplace for comment on the $4B deal. » Continue
3-minute read
In case you missed it » The sports streaming landscape as mapped by Axios
“While the race to build the next big entertainment streamer is getting tons of media attention, the sports streaming arms race is shaping up to be just as competitive, and potentially even more consequential to the future of live television.” » Keep reading
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