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Pearl TV: Picture, Audio Quality Biggest Draws For Next Gen TV

Pearl TV: Picture, Audio Quality Biggest Draws For Next Gen TV

New report reveals 9 in 10 respondents ‘interested’ in ATSC 3.0

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A new survey from Pearl TV shows that consumers are most interested in the enhanced picture and audio quality that Next Gen TV (aka ATSC 3.0) will bring to broadcast television.

Pearl TV is a consortium of station groups and manufacturers testing ATSC 3.0 in Phoenix. The Phoenix Model Market is not only testing the technology but also working with industry research firm Magid to analyze consumer interest in the standard, which combines traditional over the air broadcasting with IP. The two have released numerous surveys over the past several years, all pointing to enthusiastic support when consumers learn about the capabilities of ATSC 3.0.

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This most recent research was the result of consumer lab testing Magid recently conducted in conjunction with the Phoenix Model Market project partners and the Pearl TV broadcast business group. In lab testing, viewers said that the ATSC 3.0 capabilities could make them start watching broadcast programming (even if they don’t currently do so). Some broadcast viewers also said an ATSC 3.0-enabled device could make them want to watch broadcast TV even more than they currently watch.

“Consumers find most value in the combination of features. The combination of Enhanced Video – 4K video with High Dynamic Range – and Immersive 3D Audio have the broadest appeal,” noted Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle.

“The consumer sentiment that we heard and felt most during the lab testing was excitement about ATSC 3.0 capabilities and a high overall level of interest in engaging with those capabilities and services through their local broadcasters,” said Bill Hague, Executive Vice President, Magid.

Overall, 91 percent of consumers say they are either “interested” or “very interested” in using a service like Next-Gen ATSC 3.0, with enhanced audio features, including immersive 3D and dialogue customization features having the broadest appeal.

80 percent of consumers say they are either “interested” or “very interested” in purchasing an ATSC 3.0 television or add-on device.

Pearl conducted 12 consumer labs and 6 focus groups in late October 2018. Each lab consisted of 7-9 men and women 18-54 who spend at least five hours a week watching television. A total of 95 participated in the labs and 38 in the focus groups.

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