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Magid Mentions: Local Media May 2019 Issue

Magid Mentions: Local Media May 2019 Issue

Below is our May 2019 Magid Mentions: Local Media issue. Join hundreds of other local media leaders and industry experts – click below and become a subscriber today!

5-minute read
The urgent challenge of employee engagement: Do we even like the content we create?
Each spring, Magid conducts a local media landscape study. In the coming weeks, we’ll share our key findings from the 2019 study in a series of posts that look at the path forward for your brands and content, the keys to engaging local advertisers, and the right approach toward platform expansion.

But first, we have to address perhaps the most significant and troubling observation from the entire process: Employees don’t think our industry is on the right track. » Continue

2019 Magid Local Media Landscape Study
The 2019 Magid Local Media Landscape study has been a powerful tool in defining the very real challenges broadcasters face in 2019, as well as the opportunities that can make for growing businesses in the future.

Download the report for the top 10 exclusive insights from the study. » Continue

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What’s coming up
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National syndication ratings summary:
Hot Holzhauer hikes “Jeopardy” ratings to 14-year high
For the session ending May 5 – the first full frame of the May sweep – “Jeopardy” clocked its best numbers since the week ending March 6, 2005.
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