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Magid Mentions: Local Media April 2020 Issue

Magid Mentions: Local Media April 2020 Issue

Below is our April 2020 Magid Mentions: Local Media issue. Join hundreds of other local media leaders and industry experts – click below and become a subscriber today!

After the COVID-19 crisis: What’s next for local media organizations?
What perceptions mean for future success
If your station in January 2021 looks like it did in January 2020, you will have missed an opportunity the likes of which you will never see again. Simply put, you will have failed.

As we look at the ongoing research we field each week Magid’s Head of Local Media, Jaime Spencer, takes a look at five fundamental areas of focus.

Consumers seek Local COVID-19 News in Big Numbers
By Broadcasting & Cable | 2-min. read
According to Magid consumer data, the top six drivers of coronavirus-related coverage are all local angles, with an audience hungry for news specific to their region and demo.
The best replacement for live sports is – not sports
Magid Insight Video | 5-min. watch
Without live sports, other sports programming lacks appeal for fans. Just 1 in 4 viewers of live sports are especially interested in seeing sports-related content such as re-runs or documentaries.
Quality research and prescriptive insights matter now more than ever
Magid Webinar » Conducting effective research in the coronavirus era
Join Magid for the latest guidance on conducting effective research in the coronavirus era as they share best practices and insights on the right topics and tone, survey quality, quick-turn opportunities, the value of online qualitative methodologies, and more.

Weekly Syndication Report
for the week ending April 19
After one week in the sun as the sole number one game show, Family Feud (7.2 live plus same day national Nielsen rating, down 3% from the week before) was joined at the top of the category by Jeopardy (7.2, up 1%) in the session ending April 19.

One of the very few double digit gainers in first-run was newcomer Tamron Hall (1.1, up 10%), which matched its series high and rose 25% in the key W25-54 demo despite being battered by COVID-19 news preemptions in the biggest markets.


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