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Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment October 2019 Issue

Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment October 2019 Issue

Below is our October 2019 Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment issue. Join hundreds of other media and entertainment leaders – click below and become a subscriber today!

Complimentary briefing
The role of emotion in driving viewership trends » what’s changed, stayed the same over the past five years

While we talk of addressability and attribution, we still struggle to effectively articulate why certain programs deliver higher performance than others. We are awash in a sea of data, yet our industry has changed relatively little when it comes to understanding the drivers of consumer viewing behavior – the why behind viewers’ choices.

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Magid names Scott Carlin, EVP, Global Media & Entertainment
Scott Carlin, the former President of HBO Domestic Television responsible for inking record-setting syndication deals on the network’s iconic programing such as The Sopranos and Sex & The City, has been named EVP, Global Media & Entertainment.

“We are looking at the evolution of the ‘TV Industry’ into what is really the ‘attention’ business. Tech has hacked boredom and the future belongs to those who can leverage that reality effectively,” says Carlin.

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9-minute read with 4-minute video
Short clips, big risk
“In a world with YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch … do audiences under 35 really desire another platform with more exclusive short-form video?” asks Magid’s Andrew Hare in speaking with CNN Business about the challenges facing short clip streaming service Quibi. » Read on
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Data Gurus podcast » 
Mike Bloxham recently joined host Sima Vasa in a discussion involving consumer data, consumer behavior, viewer perceptions of video content at an emotional level, and how this is used.

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