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Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment May 2019 Issue

Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment May 2019 Issue

Below is our May 2019 Magid Mentions: Global Media & Entertainment issue. Join hundreds of other media and entertainment leaders – click below and become a subscriber today!


3-minute read
Cost-plus pricing of a kids’ entertainment platform leads to lackluster sales

When a new product or service fails to meet initial sales projections, it can have serious business implications. Magid’s Mauricio Ferreira dives into a couple of brief examples, including one offering for a new kids’ platform serving up cartoons, games, books, and activities for kids aged 2 to 8. » Read on

2-minute read
Meet Magid’s newest SVP » industry veteran Brian Katz
Katz has had a successful career leading research and insights teams at Paramount and NBCUniversal, and media partnerships at TiVo. Most recently, he served as Vice President, Head of Advanced TV for Eyeview. He now joins Magid to play a senior role in advancing our EmotionalDNA® product. » Learn more
3-minute read
Sports betting: media companies will need to get in the game
Magid consumer research indicates that with legalization, sports bettors expect to increase the amount bet, non-bettors expect to begin wagering, and that increased wagering will lead to improved sports viewership.

It’s not every day that a $10B+ adjacent revenue opportunity presents itself. Magid’s Bill Bird highlights the results of our study and offers insights on the opportunities for media companies. » Continue

4-minute read
Microsoft and Sony team up on cloud gaming
While the revenue-sharing and licensing issues would still need to be resolved for wider cross-platform play, “a Sony-Microsoft backend collaboration could make this process vastly simpler, a matter of flipping a digital switch,” said Magid’s David Pucik when called upon to comment by AdExchanger. » Read the full story
The Holzhauer Jeopardy streak included a throwback to Magid’s impact on media
Our founder, Frank Magid, was featured in a Jeopardy question last week, highlighting his groundbreaking work in local media. We’re proud to carry on his legacy, shaping the future of industries we serve. » Like and share on LinkedIn
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