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Magid announces the hiring of gaming industry expert Mike Salmon, further aligns its Gaming & Esports and Global Media & Entertainment practices

Magid announces the hiring of gaming industry expert Mike Salmon, further aligns its Gaming & Esports and Global Media & Entertainment practices

LOS ANGELES, September 25, 2019 – Magid announces the hiring of gaming industry expert Mike Salmon as Senior Vice President, Gaming and Esports. Salmon officially joined the company on September 9, 2019. Based in Los Angeles, he’ll play a significant role in leading the practice as it advises clients in the rapidly growing space and is reimagined to be more closely aligned with the company’s legacy Global Media & Entertainment practice.

Magid’s Gaming and Esports practice is a leading provider of quantitative and qualitative research, and consulting that helps top developers, publishers, operators as well as up-and-comers understand the mind of the consumer and market trends impacting the space. The company’s gaming and esports clients benefit from working directly with knowledgeable, passionate gamers who are authorities in both the space and their unique discipline, while having access to Magid’s 60-plus-year Global Media & Entertainment practice experts who are on the front lines of adjacent market disruption.

“Gaming and esports are rapidly growing – and converging with the respective worlds of global media, sports and entertainment around them,” says Kate Morgan, Chief Product Officer and Head of Magid’s Global Media & Entertainment and Gaming & Esports practices. “As we continue supporting this rapidly advancing space, I’m excited for Mike to help us lead the continued evolution of our Gaming & Esports practice which we’ve honed over the past fifteen years.”

Mike Salmon brings 25 years of industry experience to his role at Magid. Prior to Magid, Salmon was the Director of Research and Planning for publisher 2K Games. Earlier in his career, he was an Editor-in-Chief for The Official Xbox Magazine and PC Accelerator, and subsequently co-founded and led The Big Solutions Group, an independent research company. Throughout his career, Salmon has overseen marketing, product development, R&D and other functions critical to the success of games and publishers. Past clients include Microsoft, Activision, Disney, 2K, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Vivendi, Warner Bros., and others. Most recently, he advised the investments and hedge fund communities on the industry.

“Magid continues to be an established leader in research and consulting for the gaming and esports space,” says Salmon. “There is growing recognition by traditional media and entertainment players that we are all competing for consumers’ finite on-screen attention. Games now transcend the space and are no longer the entertainment laggard. Gaming is driving broader entertainment culture while esports deliver full stadium crowds invested in the sport of gaming. It’s no longer an adjacent space – it’s part of the entertainment ecosystem.”


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