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Exposing the mental health crisis among Gen Z and Millennial women – and how brands and businesses can engage them

Exposing the mental health crisis among Gen Z and Millennial women – and how brands and businesses can engage them

Recent reports from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other leading media organizations have shed light on a mental health crisis among teen girls, referencing a CDC survey that revealed nearly three in five teenage girls felt persistent sadness – the highest levels reported in a decade, and made only worse by the isolation and stress of the pandemic. 

We’ve been advising our clients on how to approach this in their business decisions for the past eight months.

In Magid’s proprietary 2022 Consumer Motivations Study, we found that this went beyond teenage girls, extending to more than half (57%) of all Gen Z and Millennial women who expressed a depressed outlook. On a typical day, these women described themselves as feeling stressed, trapped, and internally unhappy. They’re lacking energy and inspiration, with 76% wanting more for their lives.

A significant portion of Gen Z + Millennial women are struggling. How does this impact your business decision making?

We now know that a significant segment of our population is struggling. The question remains, how can your brand or business engage this audience? Meeting them where they’re at and recognizing the factors that are influencing their decision making, buying behavior, and consumption patterns is paramount. 

This crisis is something unlike we’ve ever seen before, and the approach brands and businesses need to take is equally unique. You cannot rely on the tools you’re used to. The solution is nuanced and must be tailored to your specific segments’ circumstances and their new expectations, which are rapidly changing. 

At Magid, we bring unparalleled market foresight to the work we do grounded in our deep understanding of human behavior and industry expertise so you can make better decisions for your business. Ready to win? Let’s talk.

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