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“Family Feud” Finishes First

“Family Feud” Finishes First

Review based on a national syndicated rating report for the week ending August 7, 2022.

The Nielsen survey said Family Feud (5.2 live plus same day national rating, up 2% from the week before) was an easy winner of the syndication sweepstakes in the session ending August 7.

America’s best-known jurist Judge Judy (4.4, steady) was the second highest show on the overall chart, followed by Jeopardy (new season low 4.2, down 19%) and Wheel of Fortune (4.2, down 5%).

Jeopardy’s decline was triggered by entering its first week of repeats. Similarly, Feud and Judy were already in reruns.

Magazines were led by Inside Edition (2.0, down 5%) and Entertainment Tonight (1.8, down 5%), which was hit with numerous pre-season football preemptions.

Live with Kelly and Ryan (1.5, steady) averaged well over 2.1-million viewers each day and was the sole top talker for a second straight week. This makes it 11 wins in a row for the long-running morning favorite, including five ties with Dr. Phil. Encore episodes of Dr. Phil (1.4, steady) was best of the rest.

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