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COVID-19 concerns, behaviors and media consumption

COVID-19 concerns, behaviors and media consumption

All COVID-19 consumer pulse insights from our Global Media and Entertainment practice are available for download.

The Week of May 4

Mike Bloxham looks at Magid’s latest data on SVOD primacy in the TV landscape and its impacts on pay TV as well as how will audiences may respond to a lack of fresh content in the future.

The Week of April 13

Magid’s Mike Bloxham takes another look at fresh Magid insights on changing behaviors and media consumption.

People are using TV and movies to manage stress and anxiety. Light-hearted content is what most people seek but the emotional tones of drama and action-themed content have increased significantly this week – showing how quickly content preferences are changing in this situation.

Video chatting is here to stay. In the post-COVID-19 world, consumers expect to spend more time than they did
pre-COVID-19 following the news, listening to music, watching movies and video chatting.

The Week of April 6

This week, Magid’s Mike Bloxham provides a look at new insights on consumer concerns and behaviors — particularly the content types that are resonating emotionally and how consumers are finding content in this environment.

» NEXT UP: Mike dives into Delivering the emotional tonality consumers are looking for in light of COVID-19.

The Week of March 30

Magid’s Mike Bloxham continues to provide insights on new data around consumer concerns, and rapidly changing behaviors and media consumption in the wake of the coronavirus. Attitudes, in particular feelings around isolation and loneliness, are changing — and behaviors are corresponding in turn with continued increases in streaming and video chat.


The Week of March 23

Magid’s Mike Bloxham recently shared insights on cord cutting – and the drivers of this behavior – from a recent consumer tracker in the wake of the coronavirus.

In this video, Mike takes another look at Magid’s new data – this time diving into consumer concerns, and rapidly changing behaviors and media consumption in this environment.



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