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Magid’s Matt Bertz to speak at DICE Reykjavík

Magid’s Matt Bertz to speak at DICE Reykjavík

MINNEAPOLIS, July 26, 2023 Matt Bertz, Vice President of Games at Magid, will be a featured speaker at the DICE Reykjavík conference, set to take place from September 25 to 27, 2023, at the Hotel Grand Reykjavík.

DICE Reykjavík brings together industry leaders in the interactive entertainment field to discuss the latest ideas and trends surrounding the theme ‘The Long Game.’ The conference aims to explore the challenges and opportunities in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with players in the realm of live service titles.

Bertz will lead a compelling roundtable discussion on the topic of “Games as a Relationship – The Challenges and Expectations for Meeting Player Needs in Live Service Titles.” Players have no shortage of live-service games to spend their time with, and the space will only get more crowded in the coming years. How do you attract, retain, and even re-attract players? Bertz and roundtable participants will examine the challenges facing publishers and developers in maintaining these long-term relationships with players, such as rising player expectations with content pipelines, empowering communities to extend engagement, how toxicity can damage growth, and how to combat the “fear of catching up” lapsed players face.

For more information about DICE’s programming and registration details, visit the conference website.

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