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Mike Bloxham to moderate two panels at the Media Insights & Engagement Conference

Mike Bloxham to moderate two panels at the Media Insights & Engagement Conference

Magid’s Mike Bloxham will be moderate two panels with media and entertainment industry experts to discuss streaming strategies beyond content, the impact of connected TVs

NEW YORK, May 18, 2022 – Magid announced today that Mike Bloxham, Executive Vice President of Global Media and Entertainment, will be a moderator for two panel sessions at the Media Insights and Engagement Conference.

The conference, taking place May 23-25 in Nashville, will cover a number of topics including power shifts in media, representation in media, data measurement and insights, and the media landscape of the future.

Beyond Content: Emerging Strategies for Winning, Retaining and Engaging Streaming Subscribers
Winning in the streaming game is all about content. Or is it? With 41% of adults 18+ intending to churn out of a service in less than six months (and 30% planning on less than three months), content alone doesn’t seem to be enough to keep an empowered user base entirely loyal.

The costs and volatility of the content business mean that the emergence of features designed to add value and provide other reasons to stay with a service beyond the presence of great shows is inevitable. Whether gaming, sports betting, shopping, loyalty programs or other offerings, streaming services are hard at work developing new features to keep users on the platform for more than just compelling content.

Power Shifts in Media track
Monday, May 23, 2022 | 1:40pm – 2:20pm

  • Mike Bloxham, Executive Vice President, Global Media and Entertainment, Magid (Moderator)
  • Tony Cardinale, Senior Vice President, Data Science, Global Media and Entertainment, Magid
  • Debi Pomerantz, Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Insights at discovery+, Discovery Inc.
  • Peter Scott, Vice President of Emerging Media & Innovation, WarnerMedia

The Mother of all Gamechangers: How the Operating System of TV Will Change the Business Forever
Imagine if Apple controlled the operating system of TV in the same way it does the iPhone. What would the business look like?

Well, it doesn’t need to be Apple. Now that connected TVs have achieved scale in the US, what was the most primitive screen available to consumers is now rapidly becoming an operating system in itself. And new power players will control the gateway to consumers to an extent we’ve never experienced in the TV business.

The impact on networks, studios, brands and agencies will be profound. And the mid-twentieth century business model that underpins TV is going to change.

This session – part presentation, part discussion – will explore what is coming down the tracks, what it means for our collective futures in the industry and what we and our businesses should be doing about it. Take a seat.

Future Forward track
Tuesday, May 24, 2022 | 11:30am – 12:10pm

  • Mike Bloxham, Executive Vice President, Global Media and Entertainment, Magid (Moderator)
  • Steve Grant, Senior Vice President, Human Intelligence, Horizon Media
  • Gavin Bridge, Senior Media Analyst, Variety Intelligence Platform

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