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Majority of VR Device Purchasers “Very Satisfied”  And Say Product Performance Exceeds Expectations

Majority of VR Device Purchasers “Very Satisfied” And Say Product Performance Exceeds Expectations

Consumers Provide High Marks to Ease of Use of Devices and Value for Money, Indicate Willingness for Strong Word of Mouth


NEW YORK, March 09, 2017 –Despite persistent concerns that acceptance of Virtual Reality (VR) devices may be falling short of initial expectations – even with recent positive sales numbers – a recent study by Magid, a research based consultancy, found that the majority of recent purchasers of VR devices say they are very satisfied with their purchases and that the performance of headsets exceeded their expectations.

According to the study, satisfaction among purchasers was high across all device types with the majority saying they were “very satisfied” with their purchase, and the greatest percentage – 67% – coming from among those who purchased a VR headset that works with any smartphone.

“As far as recent purchasers are concerned, VR devices are being rated very highly against the Holy Trinity of value for money, ease of use and of exceeding expectations. This combination is exactly what drives positive word of mouth which is so important for the growth of emerging tech-related markets,” said Mike Bloxham, svp, global media & entertainment at Magid.

The majority of consumers across all device types see their VR headset as being a “very good” value, with the greatest percentage – 60% – being among those who purchased a VR headset designed for a specific smartphone. Not coincidentally, these purchasers were also more likely, at 66%, to find such devices “very easy to use.”

Even more interesting is that across all device types the positive experiences far outweighed the negative.

  • 61% of purchasers reporting the device performed better than they expected
  • 89% of purchasers indicated they were Satisfied or Very Satisfied
  • In terms of value, 85% believed their device was Good Value
  • 90% of purchasers rated their device Easy or Very Easy to use

With any new technology, recommendations from early adopters drive wide consumer usage, and 81% of purchasers of VR devices indicate a willingness to recommend to friends or family.

Bloxham continued, “the industry needs to capitalize on this with a constant flow of new and engaging content and marketing that clearly communicates what VR delivers to the user. Get that right and the next couple of years could look very bright for the sector.”

The study also explored the kinds of content that users were experiencing on VR devices and showed the potential for a variety of content areas.  Viewing of non-gaming video content such as short videos and TV experiences on VR were reported at a higher rate (72%) than video games (63%). Music and virtual travel were also among the top VR experiences at a combined 51%.”

“When people think of VR, most envision the cliché of a teenage boy playing first-person shooter games in their parent’s basement,” said Debby Ruth, svp global media and entertainment at Magid. “Yes, games are important, but we are seeing the desire for and use of non-gaming content to be even more important, which also signals a major opportunity for broad consumer engagement.”


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