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“Kelly Clarkson” hits five-week high, widening lead over all new shows

“Kelly Clarkson” hits five-week high, widening lead over all new shows

Review based on a national syndicated rating report for the week ending January 26.

In the week ending January 26, wherein much of syndication was stymied by four days of near-blanket coverage of President Trump’s impeachment hearings, Kelly Clarkson (five-week high 1.4 live plus same day national Nielsen rating, up 8% from the week before) was a standout.

“Clarkson,” which has already been renewed and has ranked as the number one new show of the year for 20 weeks in a row, attracted a crowd of nearly 2.0-million daily viewers, widening the gap between itself and everything else in first season syndication.

The popular rookie fronted by the former “American Idol” also churned out a 17% increase in the coveted W25-54 age group to its strongest demo performance since the week of September 30.

Also greenlit for year two, Tamron Hall (1.0, down 9%) hit a new season high the week before but this time around was broken out on three of the five days due to numerous preemptions and a corresponding loss of coverage.

The remaining talk newcomer, Mel Robbins (0.4, down 20%) trailed both “Hall” and “Clarkson” and reportedly will cease production in the spring.

Veteran talkers were led by powerhouse Live with Kelly and Ryan (2.1, up 5%) and Ellen DeGeneres (2.1, up 11%).

Usual talk leader Dr. Phil (2.0, down 23%) did not get to air its primary run on certain days in many markets but was still in the hunt.

Usual syndication leader Judge Judy (5.7, down 16%), was also blacked out all over the place, but still more than doubled anything else in daytime.

Also coming up big, Hot Bench (five week high 2.1, up 5%), which was created by Judge Judy Sheindlin, tied “Live” and “Ellen” as the second highest show in daytime after only “Judy.”

Elsewhere Extra (0.9, steady) and TMZ (1.1, steady) were the only magazines in the big six to hang tough and avoid any losses in a very difficult frame. Entertainment Tonight (2.8, down 3%) led the magazines for the third straight week while all three of the other five shows in the top six dropped by double digits,

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