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How Big Mouth outshines Family Guy through the DEI lens

How Big Mouth outshines Family Guy through the DEI lens

Wondering how adult animated comedies are perceived through a DEI lens? Magid’s DiversityLens™, powered by EmotionalDNA®, can help you answer this question.

Through a battery of 26 DEI Interaction statements that measure positive and negative audience perceptions, Magid has developed a DEI score that can ultimately inform creative programming, ad sales, marketing strategies, and so much more.

DiversityLens adult animated comedies graph on their DEI scores

Interestingly, when looking at the DEI scores of the adult animated comedies, Big Mouth ranks first among racially and ethnically diverse audiences against its competitive set of adult animated comedies. The coming-of-age comedy maximizes vulgar, outrageous, and edgy tropes typical of its genre while retaining an inclusive environment. 

Big Mouth, however, will be entering its final season on Netflix, whereas Family Guy (ranked last in this set), has produced 412+ episodes. How do the two shows compare in DEI perceptions among diverse audiences? Should Netflix consider a renewal? The DiversityLens comparison tool generates a heat map to compare a competitive set’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Heat map to compare a competitive set's strengths and weaknesses.

When comparing the two shows, Big Mouth is perceived as stronger in accurate portrayals of cultures and authentic dialogue, and there’s a feeling of openness to diversity of people and cultures even if not always the case – matching the critical acclaim the series gets for its message of acceptance. Comparatively, Family Guy is not as strong in these aspects and is also perceived to reinforce stereotypes of cultures and communities. 

With younger generations increasingly demanding inclusive content, Netflix should consider renewing the series or mining additional spinoffs beyond Human Resources. In addition, the streaming platform’s ad tier should utilize this data to attract inclusive brands seeking content projecting openness that appeals to the next generation of audiences. 

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