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When a heritage brand needs a better B2B2C offering

When a heritage brand needs a better B2B2C offering



People have a multitude of ways to find information on local businesses and services today, and our client (a national online and in-house directory business) was struggling to maintain relevance.

The client struggled to maintain a unique selling proposition among a modern and expanding competitive set. They needed to refocus by identifying the whitespace in the crowded marketplace – by truly listening to consumers and understanding their pain points to create new services and tools that make a difference and distinguish them from competitors.



Find the greatest need through in-depth whitespace exploration

This business was very B2B focused – thinking about the needs of their clients without bringing the perspective of their clients’ customers into the picture. We executed extensive whitespace exploration with consumers and businesses to identify a highly-compelling service void in the marketplace. With a thoughtful exploration of the consumer marketplace, we were able to help them understand the end user of their products in a more holistic way, and gave them the tools they needed to be an indispensable partner to their small business clients.

Our recommendations and plan were highly compelling to the ultimate buyer, helping the client secure a premium value for the business and successfully become acquired for an increased valuation.



» Magid-macro trends assessment
» Value friction mapping
» Consumer attitudes and usage
» Features and functionality assessment
» UI/UX analysis
» Future brand positioning consultation
» Feature development prioritization

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