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Grocery shopping is no longer a one-stop experience

Grocery shopping is no longer a one-stop experience

If you split your grocery shopping list among different stores, you aren’t alone. Magid expert, Matt Sargent, shares insight on the decline of one-stop shops. According to Magid research, half of American shoppers go to three or more grocery stores for food and household supplies.

Mandy Roberson spends her Sundays driving from store to store to buy all the groceries she needs for the week.

To find bargains, the 28-year-old blogger from Queen Creek, Ariz.,heads to the Sprouts organic supermarket for produce, meat and condiments, She drives to Target for dairy products, eggs, bottled water and paper products. Then, she zips over to Sam’s Club for frozen fruit, granola bars and cereals.

“We have picked our favorite spots, because we know there are more options out there for meals. It doesn’t have to be from one store. We can go someplace we like a little better,” Roberson said.

For an increasing number of shoppers, the days of one-stop shopping have gone the way of home-delivered milk in glass bottles. Half of American grocery-shoppers go to three or more stores to get their food and household supplies — five items or more per stop — according to Magid, a Minneapolis-based research firm.

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