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For Magic Leap to be truly magical, it needs content, content, content

For Magic Leap to be truly magical, it needs content, content, content

After shipping its headset this summer, the mixed reality startup will use its LEAP conference this week to woo developers.

From hype to reality

Since its release in August, the Magic Leap One has gotten cautiously optimistic reviews.

“Whether it’s more than a developer prototype, and whether it amazes you, is another story,” CNET reviewer Scott Stein wrote after trying the Magic Leap headset shortly before it went on sale.

The experience is the best of its kind that he’s tried so far, but it needs to wow. It’s “a step forward, but not a game changer. Not yet, at least,” Stein wrote. “It all depends on what comes next.”

Complicating it all is that Magic Leap built up a lot of hype in the tech world before even before showing off its first prototypes publicly. Some developers and industry watchers told me that hype may have made it hard for the company to deliver the magic what we’re all expecting in its first release.

“It has to be something where you go ‘wow,’ but want to go back to it too,” said Mike Bloxham, an analyst at research firm Magid.  “If people’s heightened expectations of the device aren’t met, they’re going to turn away from it and say it’s not worth the hype or money.”

Read the entire article at CNET.

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