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Do consumers trust their restaurants to protect their health?

Do consumers trust their restaurants to protect their health?

A new survey indicates that safety and sanitation perceptions impact diners’ willingness to return to restaurants

Almost half of consumers—47%—trust restaurants and bars to take the necessary steps to ensure their health and safety in the future, according to a new study by Magid, a research consultancy based in Minneapolis. But near-term confidence is lower, the survey found, with only 31% of consumers planning to dine in within the next three months.

The six-month outlook is a bit brighter: 57% of respondents said they expect to visit a restaurant by the fall. The study revealed that certain sanitation and safety protocols may influence a decision to dine in sooner.

  • 64% would consider an earlier visit if a restaurant installed automatic doors.
  • 56% would like restaurants to provide personal sanitation kits at each table.
  • 55% would feel more at ease if visible hand-washing stations for employees were installed.
  • 39% will avoid ordering beverages that are not served in the original can or bottle.
  • 41% will avoid exchanging cash when dining at restaurants, bars or cafes.

Magid surveyed 1,000 consumers for the study.

View the original article on Restaurant Business Online.

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