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It’s “scary” easy to curate content with EmotionalDNA®

It’s “scary” easy to curate content with EmotionalDNA®

With Halloween approaching, it’s time for our annual look at what TV shows and movies are keeping people glued to the edge of their seats. Pulling from EmotionalDNA®, here’s our list of what audiences today think are the scariest titles you can watch this spooky season.

If you want more titles try our Nightmares on Demand rec engine (aka the EmotionalDNA Blender) to find your favorite Halloween films and horror shows and movies.

According to our eDNA data, here is what viewers perceive as the top 10 scariest movies and TV shows.

TOP 10 Scariest Movies (pulled from EmotionalDNA)

TOP 10 Scariest TV Shows (pulled from EmotionalDNA)

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