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CTAM Wired Webcast: Insights from Exploring the Connected Consumer

CTAM Wired Webcast: Insights from Exploring the Connected Consumer

CTAM Wired Webcast: Insights from Exploring the Connected Consumer

CTAM presents an encore webcast of their industry study about the connected consumer

NEW YORK, May 25, 2018 – CTAM is presenting a live webcast on Thursday, May 31, at 3:00 p.m. ET to highlight their one-of-a-kind study done with Magid.

Magid, a research-based consultancy, worked with CTAM to study how consumers are now used to having everything being only a click away and want routine tasks to be more easily solved. Early adopters of the “Internet of Things” want customization and personalization to shift to the “Internet of Intelligence.”

“In response to the exponential growth of internet-enabled experiences, this research provides the cable, media and entertainment industry with the keys to delivering what consumers want in a connected world.” Said Vicki Lins, president and CEO, CTAM.

The webcast will go through the profile of the early adopters of IoT and what the current usage looks like in creating personalized IoT solutions. Following a look at the shift from the “Internet of Things” to the desired “Internet of Intelligence”, ideas about how media and entertainment can use these insights to give the connected consumer what they want are presented.

To watch the webcast, register with CTAM. Visit Magid Mentions to learn more about the original study. Visit CTAM to access a summary infographic of the original study.

About Magid
Magid is a consumer-centered business strategy company delivering courageous thinking that shapes better experiences, products and services. Since 1957, thousands of local and global brands in over 40 countries have engaged the firm for bold ideas that have helped achieve innovation and success. The Magid team is passionately curious and driven by the pursuit of improving human experiences with every engagement.

About CTAM
CTAM unites leaders in media, entertainment and technology to enrich consumers’ lives with exciting experiences, from what they watch to how they communicate, to the way they live and work.  Member companies drive collaborative marketing and communications initiatives so they can achieve greater success by working together, and ultimately better serve the millions of people they engage every day. CTAM provides a proven framework that fuels knowledge sharing, innovation and inspiration — creating value by aligning members to solve challenges, adjust to industry dynamics, and adapt to new consumer behaviors.

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