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When an airline wants to define the future of travel

When an airline wants to define the future of travel



It happens to the best businesses – you’ve worked in an industry for your entire career, you use your product often and feel that you have a keen sense of what the consumer desires because you’re a consumer too, right?

But when your NPS scores and other satisfaction measures don’t match the investment put into revamping your product (in this case, an airline terminal), that’s when you know consumer expectations are changing and you’re not aligned to what matters most.



Listen with your eyes and ask the questions others do not know to ask 

If you take a step back and pause to simply observe, you find areas that are often overlooked and could have the greatest impact on what you are driving to.

This was truly a human-centered design project, leveraging many empathy gathering tools like ethnographies, intercepts, fly-alongs, co-creation sessions, focus groups, and validation tools like quantitative online surveys.

In this instance, we had a strong set of recommendations for facility layout and reformatting of the departure gate, but the greatest drivers of the increased NPS scores post-implementation of our recommendations were the solutions we identified for our client’s greatest assets – their employees. Employees are the physical representation of a brand and can have some of the biggest impact on customer experience – especially for brands in travel, hospitality and leisure.



» Magid macro trends assessment
» Consumer attitudes and usage
» Traveler emotional journey mapping
» Value/friction analysis
» Improvement plan

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