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Adapting local advertising strategies during coronavirus

Adapting local advertising strategies during coronavirus

As consumers spend additional time at home consuming more media, it is more important than ever to let those same consumers know that you are making the necessary adjustments to support them as they become more familiar with the daily realities of social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdowns.

However, companies should be mindful of the messages they are communicating to consumers as not to alienate anyone at this difficult time.

Show compassion and empathy for customers and community members

Coronavirus has affected local consumers and businesses equally, so it is important that you show empathy and understanding of the outbreak’s effects on your community and customers. Be sensitive to apprehensive consumers, and focus advertising around their needs. Being there for them aids in building deeper relationships that extend beyond the current crisis.

Additionally, demonstrate that you are cooperating to help the community recover as quickly and effectively as possible through your policies/guidelines, whether you do business in person or are able to direct consumers online. This lends authenticity to your business approach as it shows that looking out for the customer is your number one priority.

Next, position your business as supportive and exercising the necessary precautions. State that you’re available to meet their needs when they’re ready and are taking the recommended steps to keep them safe. Similarly, provide common sense tips and information related to your business on your website and in your social media posts. There is an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty by doing the right thing when you have the expertise, services or products they need.

Community service advertising should be low priority during the outbreak

To connect with consumers during the outbreak, center your advertising on information and empathy rather than your normal community service efforts. Keep the focus on the customer instead of your actions. However, this can be modified if your community service is applicable to the outbreak and you’re providing a service in some way.

Practice social distancing in any shots with more than one person

While we often suggest emotionally resonant shots that feature appropriate physical touch, now is the time to focus on other shots that communicate the same thing. For example, a healthcare company can include head nods, waving, or more eye contact in place of more traditional contact like handshakes.

In the event that re-editing is not an option, choose ads that focus more on consumer needs, promotions, and graphics that are within your control.

By changing the way you advertise during the coronavirus crisis, you’re able to show off your ability to adapt while still satisfying the needs of your customers.

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