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A Year In, Cold-Blooded Oxygen Rebrand is Hot

A Year In, Cold-Blooded Oxygen Rebrand is Hot

It has been a year since Oxygen flipped the switch on being a full-blown true-crime network. Oxygen executives said the workload has been massive, but that significantly increased viewership has made it worthwhile for the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment network.

Mike Bloxham, senior VP of global media and entertainment at consulting firm Magid, said he believes Oxygen is off to a strong start. “Nielsen numbers suggest Oxygen has had programming and marketing success, but perhaps most significantly, it has managed to attract new network viewers in large numbers as well as boost overall viewing,” he said.

“It’s that new viewer metric that is probably most significant in inspiring the confidence that has led to the decision to commission 10 new shows, which is a major commitment for any network.”

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