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Jill Rosengard Hill on technology and consumer engagement in Thinking Out Loud podcast

Jill Rosengard Hill on technology and consumer engagement in Thinking Out Loud podcast

NEW YORK, February 4, 2019 – CTAM has published a new Thinking Out Loud podcast today featuring a recent interview with Magid’s Jill Rosengard Hill who joined award-winning marketer, CTAM president & CEO, and Thinking Out Loud podcast host Vicki Lins for a conversation on technology and the way consumers engage.

Thinking Out Loud features conversations with media and entertainment leaders who are capitalizing on the rapid change in how consumers engage with the world around them. Previous podcasts have featured media executives from global media brands like ESPN, TNT, A+E and others.

Episode #6: How technology is changing the way consumers engage

Technology is dramatically changing the way consumers engage. On this episode, host Vicki Lins and Jill Rosengard Hill, EVP, Magid, reveal key discoveries from their recent study on how technology is changing consumer behavior. The conversation offers insights to anyone looking for a future-forward read on the preferences and expectations of tomorrow’s consumer.

“We’ve coined the phrase for these last few years, the ‘internet of things’, but that doesn’t resonate with the consumer in terms of the benefit or the why,” says Rosengard Hill. “Marketers will do better focusing on the benefits and the use case rather than the features and the ‘how to do it’ in their drive to get consumers to adopt these technologies.”

Magid, a research-based consultancy, worked with CTAM on a first-of-its-kind qualitative and quantitative study to look at connected consumers, which was highlighted in the podcast. Members are invited to visit CTAM’s website where they can get a full report of the findings.

The Thinking Out Loud Podcast is available on a variety of devices. To access, visit


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CTAM unites leaders in media, entertainment and technology to enrich consumers’ lives with exciting experiences, from what they watch to how they communicate, to the way they live and work.  Member companies drive collaborative marketing and communications initiatives so they can achieve greater success by working together, and ultimately better serve the millions of people they engage every day. CTAM provides a proven framework that fuels knowledge sharing, innovation and inspiration — creating value by aligning members to solve challenges, adjust to industry dynamics, and adapt to new consumer behaviors.


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