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12 must-read media & entertainment insights to fuel 2019

12 must-read media & entertainment insights to fuel 2019

Happiest of new years to our clients, colleagues and friends. With 2019 now underway and certainly no decline in the vast number of disruptions facing global media & entertainment leaders, we’ve compiled some of our most popular, recent Magid insights and commentary to help you re-acclimate, re-energize and renew your focus for this year.

3 reasons why you need to capitalize on voice and how to do it

The question is: what possibilities does voice technology hold for your business, and why should you take voice seriously as a business opportunity?

AdWeek » Searching for inspiration: 2018 behavioral trends on YouTube

With so many options out there, people can feel overwhelmed. Increasingly, they’re turning to YouTube to look for advice and help narrow down their choices. For example, watch time for YouTube videos on “which product to buy” have doubled this past year.

Is there a ceiling for streaming services?

Most consumers are satisfied, but churn is still high, which leaves many to ask just how many services consumers are willing to subscribe to at a given time. Magid shares insights on the ceiling plus four essential considerations for streaming success.

 The new SVOD subscriber segment you need to understand now

Companies may believe their superior content, platform, and experience will “control” churn and make it a non-issue. Magid’s 2018 Video Entertainment Study conducted in August has yielded some eye-opening insights that challenge this assumption.

MediaVillage Commentary » Smart Speakers: AI’s Soft Leading Edge

Whether voice assistants are simply resident on your smartphone or embodied in your home on a smart speaker capable of interacting with other smart devices, the fact that the primary interface of interaction is your voice is significant.

Consumer awareness, interest in 5G high despite infancy of offering

A look at the challenges facing mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) when it comes to capitalizing on high levels of awareness and interest.

AdExchanger » How Advertisers Are Using Twitch To Reach People Who Hate Ads

Twitch doesn’t provide a way for streamers to bring together their audience with the wealth of customer data Amazon has, even though Twitch Prime users have their Twitch and Amazon accounts linked already.”

How to make your strategy agile in an era of constant change

An Agile Strategy Template (AST) creates a near-term adaptable framework for you and your team to plan within which also allows for a range of changing circumstances.

CNN Business » Why there might not be another TV blockbuster like ‘Game of Thrones’

“Streaming services need volume with both diverse originals and a large library of acquired shows and movies to give the consumer more bang for their subscription bucks.”

AdWeek » Brands are disregarding women in esports.
Here’s how to create more inclusive strategies

The Esports Advertising Bureau and Magid Advisors report that women comprise about a third of the U.S. esports audience and will rise to half of viewer growth over the next 12 months.

CNN » Why it’s difficult for Netflix and ‘Friends’ to go on a break

“The potential loss of a ‘Friends’ is notable, but one show does not make a subscription service” because Netflix is “so far ahead that it’s unlikely that they’ll lose their dominant position for a while.”

Forbes » Just How Bleak Is the Future Of Traditional TV?

“It would be wrong to pretend the pay-TV sector isn’t facing challenges, and cord-cutting, cord-shaving and households that have never subscribed are part of the picture. But the reality remains that while those numbers continue to grow, they are a small part of a very big picture indeed.”


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