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Explore Magid AI

Revolutionize Your Media and Entertainment Strategy with Magid's Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Gain a competitive edge with Market intelligence + AI-powered activation for Sales and Marketing

Magid AD.VANTAGETM is a subscription platform that provides powerful consumer insights, counsel specific to your business, and AI tools that let you put it all directly to work – bridging a knowledge and resource gap in the market that no other source fills.

Streamline your storytelling across platforms, while emphasizing your unique brand voice

Designed for the modern multimedia journalist, Magid’s AI Collaborator is your trusted companion in multimedia journalism, enabling you to seamlessly convert content to various formats, making your storytelling flow smoothly across platforms.

Ad.Vantage empowers Media Sellers and Business Advertisers with unparalleled insights and AI tools, bridging a market gap with precision. Collaborator catapults journalism into the future, effortlessly transforming stories and providing crucial insights. Meanwhile, Diversity Lens revolutionizes content perception through a DEI lens, ensuring media resonates inclusively. Magid’s suite represents not just products but a commitment to innovation, propelling clients into the forefront of a dynamic and evolving media landscape.

Magid’s pioneering technology suite transcends the boundaries of traditional media and entertainment, introducing a trio of AI-driven products poised to redefine industry standards.