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Brands that are able to tap into this enjoy longer consumer relationships, deeper advocacy, and greater ROI. Our experts have turned emotion measurement into a repeatable methodology, which creates a data set that can be leveraged to help you create these connections with precision.

Emotion is the root cause of all behavior.

Magid’s EmotionalDNA™ (eDNA) methodology scientifically measures consumer emotion in a deeply nuanced manner. This allows us to create a superior alignment of consumers with brands, advertising, TV shows or movies, talent, and more. Because our eDNA™ methodology measures distinct attributes, we are able to prescribe the specific emotional qualities that can be leveraged or changed to create deeper and more positive consumer engagement and brand alignment.

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Some Applications

Advertising Effectiveness: Ensure the emotional composition of your creative matches your brand and your ad placement. Optimize your ad spend.
TV Show Diagnostic: Use emotional signature matching to optimize show line up, identify creative gaps, and administer show maintenance.
Customer Journey Optimization: Ensure emotional alignment across all consumer touch points.
Personality Alignment: Select talent for ads and shows who align and build the emotional connection between your brand or network and consumers or viewers.
Informed Ad Sales: Sell/price ad space based on value metrics of audience engagement, emotional connection and eDNA match.
TV Show Marketing Blueprint: Market programs based on emotional alignment with distribution. Offer success blueprint with optimal ad sales targets, scheduling, and promotional messaging for pilots and existing programs.
We measure consumer emotion via 35+ distinct attributes and over 50k consumer surveys annually—establishing Magid’s EmotionalDNA™ as a new value measurement system. With the ability to assess brand, content, programming, media planning, AdSales, experiences, talent and more, this singular offering provides detailed information and instruction on how to align or adjust individual emotional signatures driving ROI.
©Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. 2017. Certain methodologies and research data underlying the EmotionalDNA™ program are proprietary to Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc.

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