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Proprietary Solutions

There are moments when you need to create. Because you’re inspired to, you’re the best positioned to do so, or simply because something doesn’t exist yet. Our history of experience positions us for all three. Our Proprietary Solutions represent our 60 years of creation—and our relentless nature to never settle for the standard.

Tailor-made, industry-defining solutions are no accident. While most of what we do is custom, we also recognize when it made sense to formalize a solution so it’s easily repeatable. This helps more people leverage great thinking so business and industry never slow down.

Below you will find some of our Proprietary Solutions. They come from the minds at Magid who regularly solve some of the stickiest challenges for our thousands of clients.

Dig in or reach out and we can talk you through each of these and see if they’re a fit for your challenges or if you would benefit from our custom approach.

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No matter the size or urgency of your challenge, we have experts who can help you work through it. Tell us a little about what is going on, and we will connect you to the right people.