Magid Generational Strategies™ Reveals America’s Newest Generation

(Sherman Oaks, CA) Monday, April 30, 2012 – Magid Generational Strategies™, a division of Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., today released new research that identifies unique traits and characteristics of the generation of Americans born after the Millennial Generation.  The research includes more than 50 quantitative surveys totaling over 150,000 interviews, as well as hundreds of ethnographic and qualitative research sessions. 

“After eight years of research, and exhaustive analysis, we are now seeing a distinct pattern of change that clearly characterizes this generation,” said Jack MacKenzie, President of Magid Generational Strategies™.  “The differences in both their demographics and their attitudes strongly points to them as the Pluralist Generation.”

The Pluralist Generation is the first generation of the 21st  Century.  Their birth years started in 1997, so the oldest Plurals are turning 15-years-old in 2012.   According to Magid Generational Strategies™ research and U.S. Census projections, the Pluralist Generation will have an incomparable role in America’s history. 

“The first generation of the 21st Century is the last generation in America that will have a Caucasian majority,” said Sharalyn Hartwell, Executive Director of Magid Generational Strategies™.  “This unprecedented transition to a multi-cultural, pluralistic society will be a major aspect of their lives.”

Central to the Magid Generational Strategies research findings is that the members of the Pluralist Generation are witnessing the fragmentation, or pluralism, of our society on many other fronts as well. The Plurals’ formative years are spent watching the erosion of dominant media, the rapid emergence of fragmented and niche-based voices, growing conflicts surrounding demographic changes and the second longest economic decline in U.S. history.  The research unveils the Plural mindset as it relates to media, politics, business, education, communication and religion.  In a key departure from the optimism of the Millennials, the Pluralist Generation is the least likely generation to believe in “The American Dream.”

Magid Generational Strategies™ research also reveals an important evolution of parenting styles in America, a shift from Baby Boomers to Generation X.  According to the research, Generation X, which is the primary parenting generation of Plurals, places a greater emphasis on individual performance and success than their Baby Boomer predecessors.   

“Generation X is now setting the parenting style,” said Hartwell.  “They bring significant changes to the ‘let’s all get along and have fun’ approach of their parenting predecessors, the Baby Boomers.”

“The dynamic of the Gen X parent-Pluralist child relationship is central to their mindset,” said Rich McGuire, Vice President of Generational Insights at Frank N. Magid Associates.  “Our research clearly shows significant differences between the way they parent and the way Boomers did.  Those differences will only increase over time and solidify a new mindset separating Plurals from Millennials.” 

Any business seeking to effectively engage kids, tweens and teens as consumers now must understand the Pluralist.  “Our culture has come to accept Millennial behaviors and attitudes as the norm for tweens and teens, but those kids are no longer Millennials, they are Plurals,” said Hartwell.  “As Plurals emerge as the youth in America, it will be vitally important for all facets of society—from schools to media companies to retail companies—to understand this generation.” 

Magid Generational Strategies™, which is releasing a summary of their findings and white paper today via the Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. website (, was formed on the premise that businesses can become more profitable by taking time to understand the unique consumer behavior of each generation that is formed by a combination of discernible patterns of demographic shifts, societal factors and parenting styles.

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