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We deliver business-minded, deeply human, plans of action. We tell you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear. We call this truth telling.

We are confident in our truths because we have been investing in our knowledge for over 60 years and bring The Magid Way to every engagement.


We Are Relentless Masters
Masters of studying and understanding human behavior, the industries in which our clients operate, and the imperatives of our clients’ businesses.

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Tailor-Made Approach
Tailor-Made Approach: Being a master means designing personalized solutions. We can size up a need and create a custom set of methods to deliver results, quickly and accurately.
Hire Practitioners
Hire Practitioners: Being a master means we are not theorists. We hire from and for our industries so you know we are not learning on the project, but rather leveraging our collective histories to better inform your results.
Layered Thinking
Layered Thinking: Being a master means we challenge findings. By leveraging all areas of Magid and our full 60 years of experience, we’re able to determine the “why” behind results and transform businesses faster.
Invest in the Base
Invest in the Base: Being a master means we field proprietary studies on a regular basis. We build these around the core disciplines we serve so we’re always ahead of the industry and consumer behavior.
Create: Being a master means we craft proprietary methodologies and solutions. This allows us to further our focus on understanding human behavior and how it applies to businesses. From EmotionalDNA™ to virtual training, institutes to consortiums, we create the solutions you need if they don’t exist.
Exceptional is the Bar
Exceptional is the Bar: Being a master means we do not settle for mediocrity. Period.

What challenges are you facing today?

Ready to engage a partner who truly understands human behavior and intention? One who can apply it to your business challenges big and small? How about a team that thinks creatively, bold and is passionately curious?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.