Frank N. Magid Associates’ first internet client was AOL in 1995 when we worked extensively with the company to build several highly effective marketing strategies. Since then, Magid has completed over 3,000 engagements with online businesses in areas ranging from search, e-commerce, and news and information to virtual worlds, games, and social networks. In applying our unparalleled research and experience-based perspectives to the online world, Magid helps clients understand how to align their products and services with the needs of consumers, develop effective business models, and build strategies to maximize customer engagement and revenues.

Leveraging our consumer lens and extensive media expertise, Magid works with clients to drive revenues through a broad range of strategic and tactical capabilities, including: 

  • Web site redesign and usability research to optimize web traffic
  • Alignment of web communications and brand strategy
  • Integration of a web strategy within a cross-platform media strategy
  • Development of a social media strategy to drive brand engagement
  • Monetization through free, subscription-based, micro-transaction based, or hybrid business models
  • Identification and development of e-commerce and social commerce opportunities to create new revenue streams

Case Study

Application of Magid's Usability Testing and Web Strategy Expertise Results in Record Web Site Traffic and Engagement Growth

A creator of interactive, online community-based news and information websites approached Frank N. Magid Associates with the desire to apply user-centric design to their upcoming website redesigns. To achieve this goal, Magid heavily tested and vetted registration and social networking integration, interior page design, photo galleries, video standards, contesting standards, outbound email programs, local small business listings, and classifieds to turn chaotic designs into intuitive, user-friendly websites. As a result of this work, the client has experienced tremendous growth (over 50%) on several properties in terms of both monthly unique users and in page views, including records for total unique visitors and the highest year-over-year visitor growth in the industry.