Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Leveraging our understanding of how communication influences purchasing behavior, Frank N. Magid Associates works with consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in all stages of the product development and marketing lifecycles to drive sales. Whether conducting research that informs product development decisions or executing a comprehensive brand, communications, or media strategy engagement, Magid helps our clients innovate and develop products that capture market share and improve brand affinity.

Our consumer research capabilities allow us to reveal critical consumer insights that inform concept, product and packaging development and testing, as well as branding, pricing, marketing and media strategies that maximize product visibility and traction in a crowded marketplace. To support this wide range of services, Magid has developed qualitative and quantitative research capabilities that satisfy the unique needs of the CPG industry.  In addition, we have expert CPG analysts and researchers who understand the nomenclature and nuances of the industry, including the unique needs and preferences of Hispanics and other consumer subsegments.

 Some of our CPG research capabilities include:

  • Testing new food or beverage innovations
  • Health claims / benefits analysis
  • Packaging, structure, quantity, and logo design research
  • Character design research
  • Taste testing and flavor innovation studies
  • Reduced-calorie product exploration and analysis
  • Commercial and print ad testing
  • Landscape and “gap analysis” studies
  • Brand extension efficacy for new flavors or product lines
  • Emotional and attitudinal attribute studies
  • Shelf testing and other merchandizing studies
  • Nutritional messaging effectiveness
  • Sales and marketing trend analysis
  • “Green” packaging, messaging, products, pricing, and consumer affinity

In addition, Magid's strategy consulting expertise allows us to incorporate our consumer research into a comprehensive strategic framework that considers competitive, industry, technology, and media trends in positioning our clients as industry leaders and innovators. Given Magid’s deep knowledge of the media industry, specialized CPG research capabilities, and foundation of successful strategy engagements, we are increasingly being leveraged by CPG companies to develop media strategies to recapture control of their brand, optimize marketing channels to engage consumers, and become lifestyle content leaders in their product categories.

Case Study

Leveraging Magid's Product Development and Marketing Expertise to Ensure the Successful Product Launch for a Major Beverage Company

One of the largest beverage companies in the US partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates to analyze the viability of an innovative beverage concept and determine how to optimize the product ingredients, taste, packaging and other critical attributes. Magid conducted qualitative concept testing and taste tasting to understand the operational, competitive and market obstacles to the product concept, and applying its understanding of the industry, Magid used the qualitative research findings to inform recommendations in terms of investment, product viability, appearance, taste, ingredients and texture. Magid also identified the functional and emotional benefits that the beverage fulfilled to maximize its appeal to consumers, and developed recommendations regarding the messaging, branding and positioning that would most resonate with the target market. Magid’s recommendations resulted in continued steps to develop a product formulation and launch strategy.